Paid, Unpaid, and Undetermined Exposures Coming Soon to Policy Limits in TRS

Image of a man sitting at a laptopBeginning Monday, October 18, 2021, members will be able to enter paid, unpaid, or undetermined exposures to Policy Limits in TRS. This will give members the ability to define their exposures based on whether they have already been paid or are still unpaid. Members will also be able to mark exposures that have not yet been determined as undetermined. These additional details will help the arbitrator address issues regarding policy limits and calculate awards.

To add exposures, members will select the “Add” button below the Policy Limit declaration fields.
Screenshot of Additional Exposure Options
On selecting the “Add” button, the “Additional Exposures” modal will be displayed to the member. 
 Screenshot of the Additional Exposures section

If the member enters an amount in the “Amount” field, the “Paid” and “Unpaid” amount options will be displayed and the member will be required to enter a description of the exposure.
 Screenshot of the Additional Exposures section

To enter an undetermined exposure, members will select the “Undetermined Exposure Amount” checkbox. The “Amount” field will be disabled for this type of exposure. A description of the exposure is required for all exposures entered in the application.
Screenshot of the Additional Exposures section
Once the exposures have been entered in the application, the exposures are displayed in a table below the “Add” button. The user can edit or delete the exposures using the appropriate buttons next to the exposure.
Screenshot of the Additional Exposures section
It is recommended that the users attach evidence in support of the exposures entered. Evidence attached in support of the exposures will result in better decision outcomes for all parties.

The ability to enter distinct exposure types will enable arbitrators to render a better decision, taking into account the Policy Limits and the exposures. 

Article published in: October 2021 E-Bulletin