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Settlement Exchange System® (SES®)

Settlement payment processing annually costs the insurance industry more than $30M. SES can reduce that to virtually $0.

Membership Driven = Success

Founded in 1943, Arbitration Forums is a membership-focused organization dedicated to providing its membership exceptional service and ensuring they are at the center of everything AF does. AF embraces this member-centric mindset by implementing member feedback at all points of service.
  • 1.1M+
    Annual Arbitration Disputes
  • 5k+
  • 2.4M
    Subrogation Demands
  • $26.4B+
    In Claims

Training Workshops

At Arbitration Forums, we are committed to helping you achieve your recovery goals. One way we do this is by offering training at no cost to you. All of our training workshops focus on practical application of the rules, regulations, and procedures of each arbitration program.

Featured Training Video

TRS Filing (Coll/OTC) - Reviews the Filing workflow for TRS.

Products & Services

Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®)
TRS is the tool for filing and responding to arbitration cases online. Based heavily on member feedback, the upgraded platform has been designed to make the filing and responding experience as simple and straightforward as possible.
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E-Subro Hub®
Electronically send and receive subrogation demands, attach supporting documents, manage subrogation claims, and electronically move demands over to intercompany arbitration if necessary, all from a single platform.
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Settlement Exchange System® (SES®)
Facilitating both the automated issuance of electronic funds transfer (EFTs) and the processing of incoming subrogation and arbitration payments made via EFT once settlement is reached.
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Online Filing
Online Filing users save time, close cases faster and have immediate access to decisions the moment they are published.
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Member Feedback

Prior to the pandemic and everything shutting down, Arbitration Forums already had an electronic environment. When everything shut down, they were already doing everything electronically, so we didn't miss a beat with our work.