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Whether you have questions concerning case assignments for hearings or rendering a decision, we are happy to support you in your role as an arbitrator and have developed a number of guides, webinars, and tutorials with that in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Regrettably, the arbitrator position is not a paid position by Arbitration Forums, Inc. Member companies provide arbitrators to hear cases.

Unfortunately, there is no study material for any of the Rules exams or simulations except the Reference Guide to Arbitration Forums' Agreements and Rules, which can be used during the exam.

The ARACK contains 25 multiple-choice questions to measure your general automobile claims knowledge, in addition to our Rules and Agreements. The claims knowledge questions have been taken with permission from the Multiple Choice Questions Workbook — AIC 32, 3rd Edition published in 2010 by Keir Educational Resources. The exam is taken nationwide and does not apply to any specific jurisdiction, so avoid applying your local law when answering these questions.

An email will be sent to you within 7 days indicating a pass or fail score. If the minimum score of 80 has not been obtained, the email will include a link to attempt the exam again.
If you have completed the entire certification process, which includes the Rules exam, webinar, and hearing simulations, a certificate of completion will be emailed within two weeks of completion. If you have only completed the designated forum Rules exam and the Writing Quality Decisions quiz, there is no certificate provided. For any questions or assistance, please send an email to
No. Only employees of the signatory companies may participate as arbitrators (or employees of non-signatory insurers or self-insureds in states where arbitration through AF is mandatory by statute). The restriction is to maintain safeguards to the objectivity of the arbitrators. By restricting arbitrators to member employees, they are readily identified as impartial, both personally and from a company viewpoint, in a case assigned to them. While others may be qualified technically to serve as an arbitrator, it would be difficult to ensure that an arbitrator from an organization that may represent many signatories didn’t have a business relationship identified with one of the arbitrating parties in an assigned case.
The answer to this question varies depending on the Forum(s) or dispute type(s) you are seeking to arbitrate. Please contact us via email at or call us at 866-977-3434.
Complete an updated profile form and send it to An email will be provided that includes the requirements for reactivation.
If an onsite training or private Webinar is scheduled with your company, no individual registration is needed.
Review the information in your initial email and verify that all requirements have been completed. If you are not sure if you have completed all the requirements for becoming an arbitrator, please contact our office at 866-977-3434 or send an email to requesting the status of your progress.