International Reciprocal

The Canadian Insurance Claim Managers Association adopted the Canadian Inter-Company Arbitration Agreement several years after the Automobile Subrogation Arbitration Agreement (formerly the Nationwide Inter-Company Arbitration Agreement) was in operation. Both agreements are restricted in their compulsory jurisdiction to accidents occurring within their respective national boundaries.

The International Reciprocal Agreement was introduced over 25 years ago as a bridge program between Arbitration Forums' Automobile Subrogation Forum and the Canadian Insurance Claim Managers' Association's (CICMA) Automobile Program.

The International Reciprocal Program was designed to facilitate the recovery of claim dollars where the accidents/losses involved insureds from both the United States and Canada. Claims arising from accidents/losses within the United States are filed under AF's Automobile Subrogation Forum.

Claims arising from accidents/losses occurring within Canada are administered by the Canadian Insurance Claim Arbitration Committee (CICAC). Applicable case law or statute would apply.

It is a condition precedent to being a signatory to the International Reciprocal Arbitration Agreement, that the participating company be signatory to either the Canadian Inter-Company Arbitration Agreement or the Automobile Subrogation Arbitration Agreement. A company cannot participate in the International Reciprocal Arbitration Agreement only.

If your organization fits the qualification of an insurer, self-insured, or commercial insured with a large retention, and you wish to become signatory to the International Reciprocal Program, please complete the Agreement, or call 1-866-977-3434.

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