Auto Physical Damage

Arbitration Forums' Automobile Subrogation Forum is designed to resolve intercompany subrogation disputes amongst insurers, self-insureds and large retention commercial insureds involving automobile physical damage not in excess of $100,000 unless agreed upon by all parties. Cases submitted regarding the Automobile Subrogation Forum include:

  • The driver of a vehicle traveling at an excessive rate of speed collides with another vehicle that changed lanes without signaling. Insurers cannot agree on the respective liability of the two drivers.
  • The liability carrier for an at-fault driver disputes the severity and extent of the damages alleged by the collision carrier for the negligent-free vehicle. While liability is conceded, the matter is submitted to the Auto Program for resolution of the damages dispute.
  • A vehicle is damaged because of a malfunction at a drive-thru car wash. The insurer of the vehicle seeks recovery from the general liability insurer of the car wash.
  • A defective part causes a driver to lose control of a vehicle and overturn. Auto Arbitration is filed against the auto manufacturer and/or part manufacturer to recover the vehicle damages.

If your organization fits the qualification of an insurer, self-insured, or commercial insured with a large retention, and you wish to become signatory to the Auto Physical Damage Forum, please complete the Agreement, or call 1-866-977-3434.

Please refer to the Rules Document for more information about the Auto Forum rules. If you need further information about these rules, please contact Forum Rules Department.

 (16 minutes) - This tutorial will familiarize you with the types of cases filed in each forum, the Rules and Regulations, and tips on completing the applications as Applicant and Respondent.