Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®)

The next phase of the journey...

TRS® is currently available for our Auto, Property, Special, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Medical Payment, and New York PIP programs

AF's upgraded arbitration and subrogation platform is designed to streamline and consolidate our recovery and resolution services.

Phased Approach

TRS will be delivered to AF's member companies in a phased approach:
  • Limited Automobile Arbitration Limited Automobile Arbitration
  • Expanded Auto and All Remaining Arbitration Programs Expanded Auto and All Remaining Arbitration Programs
  • Subrogation (E-Subro Hub) Subrogation (E-Subro Hub)
TRS is currently in Phase II


Reduced Cycle Time

  • Responders have 30 days from case submission to submit a response.
  • No "reschedules" or "amendments" in Phase I. Parties have limited circumstances to "revisit" a filing to make updates/changes (i.e., accept policy limits, rebut a damage dispute, or challenge a raised jurisdictional exclusion). A 15-day extension is available, if needed.
  • The system is built to avoid unnecssary delays. Cases are ready to hear once all parties have submitted their response.

Reduced Filing and Decision Errors

  • Detailed information gathered during filing and responding to ensure accuracy.
  • Allowance to request change of incorrect information regarding named party or loss location/date.
  • Evidence is attached at same time filing/response is being prepared for submission.

Improved Decision Quality

  • Improved arbitrator profiling and case matching.
  • Required commentary on evidence that is specifically linked to a liability or damages argument; allows the arbitrator to address specific arguments and view evidence in context.
  • Single liability decision will eliminate inconsistency between decisions when a claim and counterclaim(s) are submitted separately due to pending damages.

And More...

  • Allows users to submit video evidence during filing and responding.
  • A user-friendly arbitrator workflow, eliminating the need for participation plans.
  • Ability to provide feedback as the system continues to evolve.

Member Feedback

“Mainly, I love the ease of use of TRS. The format on the website is very user-friendly. It's self-explanatory in terms of following screen to screen. It's easy to attach evidence to a file. Overall, schematically, it's a very easy system to use.”