Medical Payment

The Medical Payment Subrogation Forum resolves disputes arising from subrogation of medical payments coverage between insurance companies only. The interests of parties other than insurance carriers may not be arbitrated under this Agreement. Insureds of signatories who dispute values or coverages cannot be parties to the arbitration.

Compulsory arbitration, where permitted, is limited to claims not in excess of $100,000.

If your organization fits the qualification of an insurer, self-insured, or commercial insured with a large retention, and you wish to become signatory to the Medical Payment Subrogation Forum, please complete the Agreement, or call 1-866-977-3434.

Please refer to the Rules Document for more information about the Medical Payment Subrogation Forum rules. If you need further information about these rules, please contact Forum Rules Department.

(15 minutes) - This tutorial will acquaint you with the types of cases filed in each forum, the Rules and Regulations, the compulsory dollar limit for each forum and tips on completing the application as Applicant and Respondent. (Published 06/23/10)