Property Subrogation Forum

The Property Subrogation Forum addresses claims (not in excess of $100,000) involving fire, extended coverage, inland marine coverage or other first party property insurance.

The following reflect the variety of controversies submitted to this program:
  • A dispute between an insurer of an apartment's contents and the insurer of a restaurant that catches fire and spreads to the apartment.
  • A dispute between the insurer of a boat which breaks loose from the trailer while being lowered into the water, and the insurer of the dock which sustains major damage by the boat.
  • A dispute between the insurer of an office building and insurers of two automobiles which strike the building after colliding with each other.
  • An insurer of an independent contractor and an insurer of a business owner turn to Property Subrogation Arbitration to determine the liability for damages caused by an oil tank which explodes while the contractor is performing repairs on the premises.

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Please refer to the Rules for more information about the Property Forum. If you need further information about these rules, please contact the Forum Rules Department.

Property Forum Overview

In this tutorial, Filers and Responders will learn the dispute types heard in the Property Forum, apply the rules and procedures, and state the compulsory dollar limits.

Interested in Becoming Signatory?

If your organization fits the qualification of an insurer, self-insured, or commercial insured with a large retention, and you wish to become signatory to the Property Subrogation Forum, please complete the Agreement or call 1-866-977-3434.