Settlement Exchange System® (SES®)

Settlement payment processing annually costs the insurance industry more than $30M.

SES can reduce that to virtually $0.

SES facilitates both the automated issuance of EFTs and the processing of incoming subrogation and arbitration payments made via EFT, once settlement is reached between members. SES is available for E-Subro Hub and Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) transactions. Best of all, it’s available to AF members at no cost.
  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry and the time-consuming process of issuing checks to settle claims
  • Eliminates expenses associated with tracking and investigating lost checks and payment mismatches

SES... the only broadly adopted industry solution

Built on mature, well-understood technology by a trusted intermediary (AF) that has over 80 years of experience in serving the industry’s resolution and recovery needs
  • 75K+
    transactions processed in 2021
  • 90K+
    estimated transactions in 2022
  • $0
    no charge to members
  • 36%
    participating E-Subro Hub market share

How It Works

SES members use their claim and financial systems to issue claim-related EFT payments to third-party carriers. In doing so, they retain the necessary payment authorization logic already built into their systems. AF has no direct involvement in banking transactions.
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