June 2020 E-Bulletin

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. PIP and Med Pay Arbitration Coming to Total Recovery Solution (TRS)
  2. Updates to AF’s Arbitration Rules
  3. TRS Cycle Time Reduced!
  4. How to View a Suspension Status on a Case
  5. Effective Evidence Linking
  6. Geoff Engert Will Retire after 31 Years at AF
  7. NASP’s 2020 Subro Professionals’ Day is June 24

PIP and Med Pay Arbitration Coming to Total Recovery Solution (TRS)

Illustration of business people surrounding a laptop with toolsAF is pleased to announce that we will be introducing enhanced functionality to allow the filing of new PIP and Medical Payment coverages within Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) in Q4 2020! More information and training resources will become available at a later date.

We look forward to releasing this feature later this year to improve the efficiency of our TRS product and continue the commitment of excellent service to our membership.
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Updates to AF’s Arbitration Rules

Image of a gavel on a dictionary with the word arbitration highlightedAs communicated in the May 2020 E-Bulletin, AF’s Member Council and Board of Directors approved the following updates to the Arbitration Rules. While both Rules were originally scheduled to become effective August 1, the effective date for Rule 5-3 has been postponed until later this year. 

NOTE: These updates do not apply to NY PIP arbitration filings, which are administered under separate rules.
  • Rule 3-3: The monetary limit to request a three-person panel is $15,000 for all forums. (Effective August 1)
  • Rule 5-3: For Auto supplemental filings, evidence submitted by the parties to support or dispute the supplemental damages will be viewable by the parties. (Effective date to be announced)
The Rules document and Reference Guide available on AF’s website will be updated as we near the effective dates.
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TRS Cycle Time Reduced!

Illustration of a calendar and clockDue to the significant efforts by our member companies to achieve their 1:1 heard-to-filed (HTF) ratio and AF staff arbitrators hearing more cases, we are pleased to announce that the average cycle time for cases filed in Online Filing (OLF) and Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) has been greatly reduced!

This collaborative effort exemplifies the core value of AF. When member companies maintain their commitment to one another, the industry benefits through improved intercompany relationships and timely resolution and recovery of arbitration cases.

With the significant reduction in cycle time, we want to reassure our members that decision quality also remains a top priority. Decisions are randomly reviewed to ensure our members receive high-quality decision explanations. 

We appreciate and recognize the efforts our member companies have taken to maintain their 1:1 HTF commitment as outlined in the Member Participation Policy and the additional time and dedication from our staff arbitrators to help make this achievement possible. 

For questions, please contact our Member Service Center at 866-977-3434 or status@arbfile.org.
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How to View a Suspension Status on a Case

Per the Member Participation Policy, which became effective June 2, 2020, any company not consistently meeting or showing progress towards a 1:1 heard-to-filed (HTF) ratio will have their filings suspended from being heard; however, those companies will still be able to file cases.

If a case has been suspended, the status will be reflected on the disputing party’s worklist.
Screenshot of the Case Summary screen
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Effective Evidence Linking

Arbitration filers and responders are aware of the concept of linking evidence. This is where a party directs the arbitrator to specific evidence that supports an allegation. See the example below.
Screenshot of the Liability Arguments tab

The “Insert Evidence Attachment” option in Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) offers additional flexibility for a party to embed a link to an evidence item. It is intended for the few most critical evidence items that you believe the arbitrator should comment on. All attached evidence will be viewed by the arbitrator, and the arbitrator will provide his or her decision justification, commenting on the evidence that was influential, even if the “Insert Evidence Attachment” option is not used. For example, if arbitrators routinely comment on police reports or driver statements, you may not need to use the “Insert Evidence Attachment” option for these evidence types.
Screenshot of the Liability Arguments tab

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Geoff Engert Will Retire after 31 Years at AF

Image of Geoff EngertAfter 31 years of dedicated service to AF and our membership, Director of Marketing, Compliance, and Legal Geoff Engert is planning to retire at the end of this year.

Geoff began his career in 1989 as a Field Office Manager in Los Angeles, California. During Geoff’s career, his leadership has been instrumental to the transformational progress AF has made to become a great company. Some of these initiatives that have collectively created significant efficiencies and excellent outcomes for our members include: the move of the home office to Tampa; the deployment of E-Subro Hub as the first-of-its-kind, and still no-cost, electronic subrogation platform; the elimination of 11 million paper documents annually; expansion of our members’ system data integration; the development and deployment of Auto TRS, and the expansion and adoption of SES. Along the way, Geoff brought his thoughtful strategic planning skills, his marketing prowess, his focus on managing legal risk and protecting the proprietary value of AF’s products, as well as building and strengthening our procurement, compliance, and security programs… all on behalf of our members.

Geoff’s leadership and contributions have played a key part in building AF’s reputation as a member-driven and trusted intermediary serving the insurance claim industry’s needs as a not-for-profit, with AF’s interests completely aligned and in service to the needs of our members.

Geoff’s last day will be December 31, 2020, and all of us here at AF wish him well in his much-deserved retirement.
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NASP’s 2020 Subro Professionals’ Day is June 24

Image of balloons in the skyOn Wednesday, June 24, the National Association of Subrogation Professionals will be celebrating its 8th annual Subro Professionals’ Day to highlight the contributions that you have made to the insurance industry.

A free webinar for both members and nonmembers will be held at 1 p.m. ET:  NASP members can receive discounts on registrations for conferences, webinars, and more!

This year on Subro Professionals’ Day, members and nonmembers will be eligible for a 50% discount on their 2020 Annual Conference registration.  

For more information, visit the NASP website.
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