Direct Filing Coming to TRS in April 2019

As you know, AF is working with our members to facilitate a full transition from the online filing technology to the upgraded Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) technology platform for the Automobile Subrogation Arbitration Forum (Auto Forum) by October 2019.

Members that file in TRS today must initiate their cases in E-Subro Hub. Beginning April 29, 2019, members will have the option to file directly from TRS without pushing demands from E-Subro Hub.

We are excited to make the upgraded platform available to even more members! We anticipate this, along with the ability to request a three-person panel and/or personal appearance and the elimination of the current dollar filing threshold that is coming in February 2019, will significantly increase the number of TRS-eligible cases and TRS usage.

If you are not yet participating in TRS, we invite your organization to begin in late April. Please reach out to us at for more information.