Introducing Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®)

Image of an arrow with the word introducing in itAs a member-driven organization, Arbitration Forums, Inc. (AF) puts your needs at the heart of our business strategies. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that AF’s online filing (OLF) technology for all arbitration programs is currently being upgraded to the Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) technology platform. TRS is designed to reduce cycle time, improve decision quality, and reduce filing and decision errors.

By October 1, 2019, all automobile subrogation arbitration program cases will be filed in TRS. The automobile subrogation arbitration program is the first (current) phase of upgrading the OLF platform to the TRS technology. All other programs will continue to be filed in OLF during this first phase.

For more details about the benefits of TRS and to see the list of member companies already using the upgraded technology, please visit the Total Recovery Solution page on AF’s website.

We are, and will continue, working with all member companies to ensure a simple transition to the upgraded technology. To begin the process, please contact us at

Article published in: December 2018 E-Bulletin