March 2018 E-Bulletin for TRS

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. Notification of Upcoming Enhancements
  2. Bookmarking Functionality Available for Video Evidence
  3. Choose the Right Action
  4. Evidence Linking: OLF vs. TRS®
  5. Video Evidence Submission May Take Time
  6. What’s Changing in the TRS® Worklist?
  7. Indicate “Unknown Amount” in Exposure Field

Notification of Upcoming Enhancements

Conceptual image of stepping up stairsArbitration Forums, Inc. (AF) is upgrading our arbitration technology by completely moving our current online filing system to the new Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) platform. The filing system upgrade is being implemented in phases and we anticipate it will be completed for auto physical damage in Q4, 2019.

One of the enhancements coming soon is the introduction of extensions, which will become available to members on April 24, 2018. Third-Party Administrator privileges will also become available within the next few months.
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Bookmarking Functionality Available for Video Evidence

Image of a ribbon coming out of a laptopBecause some video evidence files cannot be edited, and the length and/or content may be beyond your control, TRS has the functionality for you to bookmark video evidence at a specific starting and ending point. This functionality is helpful to pinpoint the exact segment of the video for the arbitrator to view. For example, if you have video footage from a store’s security camera that runs 20 minutes, you can add a bookmark directing the arbitrator to start viewing at the 16-minute mark, which shows the specific evidence pertaining to the case (e.g., before a loss occurs).

View a step-by-step guide on how to add a bookmark to video evidence.
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Choose the Right Action

Image of a little boy staring at a cupcake and an appleTRS provides a variety of actions at your disposal. Two such actions are Create Case Support Inquiry and Create Post-Decision Inquiry.

Create Case Support Inquiry, found in the Case Actions drop-down menu, should be selected before a filing is heard. This option is used to ask AF Member Support a general question regarding the applicable case or to request that the occurrence be withdrawn. 

Screenshot of the Create Case Support Inquiry menu option

Create Post-Decision Inquiry, found in the Decision Actions drop-down menu, is to be used after a filing has been heard. This option is for requesting a review of a decision, per Rule 4-2, because of an alleged clerical or jurisdictional error on the part of AF or the arbitrator.

Screenshot of the Create Post Decision Inquiry menu option

Choosing the appropriate action helps ensure proper handling and the best response time possible.
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Evidence Linking: OLF vs. TRS®

Image of the web link symbolArbitration filers and Responders using AF’s legacy Online Filing system are probably aware of the concept of linking evidence. This is where a party directs the arbitrator to specific evidence supporting an allegation. TRS is no different, and this best practice should be continued.

TRS also offers the additional ability for a party to insert an evidence attachment directly into its Liability Arguments or Damage Dispute Justification. This embedded link will ensure that the arbitrator comments on this specific evidence and addresses whether it was influential in his or her decision.
The following screenshot shows how TRS highlights key evidence items:

Screenshot of highlighted evidence

This example shows highlighting key evidence items and inserting a specific evidence attachment:

Screenshot of inserted evidence attachment
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Video Evidence Submission May Take Time

Image of an hour glass in front of a clockSubmitting video evidence in TRS works like the submission of document-based evidence.
  • Select a file to upload
  • Specify the evidence type
  • Upload
One thing to keep in mind when submitting video evidence is that these files will be much larger than other files and may take longer to upload and convert (if .mp4 conversion is needed). As in document-based evidence, if you attach a video to your case and it needs to be converted, you will need to allow time to finish the conversion before you can submit the filing or response.

You can check to see if files are still uploading by clicking the upload icon in the upper right corner of the TRS menu bar.

Image of the upload in progress icon

In addition, if the file is still being converted, the file icon on the evidence line item will be grayed out.

Screenshot of the video evidence file conversion icon

Please allow extra processing time for the conversion to complete when you are uploading video evidence.
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What’s Changing in the TRS® Worklist?

Image of a yellow arrow changing directionsIn TRS, our members and TPA companies have easier access to view and assign cases. However, some members want the flexibility to decide what cases their users and related (peer/web-enabled) companies view on the worklist.

In an upcoming update to TRS, members will have more control of how they configure their users’ ability to see cases. As a result, you may or may not see the My Company Cases tab, depending on your company’s configuration.
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Indicate “Unknown Amount” in Exposure Field

A TRS enhancement has added a checkbox with the verbiage “Unknown Amount” in the Exposure Amount field. This allows you to check the box if you do not know the dollar value of the exposure amount. If you check the box, then the Exposure Amount field is not required, and no value needs to be entered. If the box is not checked, then you should enter an exposure amount greater than $0.00.

Screenshot of the exposure field
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