June 2018 E-Bulletin for TRS

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. System Maintenance, July 2018
  2. Changes to TRS Reports Coming June 17
  3. TRS Case Print Functionality Coming in June
  4. View Decision PDF Enhancements
  5. Getting Help on Unpaid Awards
  6. Post-Decision Inquiries in TRS
  7. Policy Limits Acceptance – One Last Opportunity
  8. Refiling After a Decision Is Published in TRS

System Maintenance, July 2018

Image of a laptop with tool above itAF is scheduled to perform system maintenance and upgrades. As a result, AF's website will be unavailable from 10 PM Eastern on Friday, July 27, 2018, to 6 PM Eastern on Sunday, July 29, 2018.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our members. AF is committed to continuously enhancing our products and services. We thank you for your continued support.
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Changes to TRS Reports Coming June 17

Images of a road sign with 'changes coming' on itAs we announced in the May E-Bulletin for TRS, most member-facing TRS reports will be moving to AF’s new reporting platform on June 17. In the new platform, members will be able to:
  • Run and view reports right on the screen in real-time
  • Search within report results
  • Export as .csv, Excel, and PDF files
The following resources provide descriptions of available reports, information on locating reports, and an overview of using the new platform.
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TRS Case Print Functionality Coming in June

Currently in TRS, members can print an entire case in HTML format and only the decision in PDF. Based on your feedback, we are adding the option to print an entire case in PDF. This functionality will become available on June 30.

Steps to Print a Case
You can access the case print feature one of two ways:

1. From the Worklist, select the ellipses to the left of the case and click Print Case.
Screenshot of the Print Case option from the worklist

2. Within the case, click on Print Case in the Case Actions.
Screenshot of the Print Case option from Case Actions
3. A PDF copy of the case will be stored in the Print Request queue. You can access it by clicking your name in the upper right-hand corner and clicking Print Requests.
Screenshot of the Print Requests menu option
4.You can also access the PDF by clicking on the icon in the Print File column. You can then print or save the PDF.
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View Decision PDF Enhancements

Image of gears with quality statements on themAt AF, we are constantly looking to improve our members’ experience. That is why, on June 30, we will be introducing enhancements to the View Decision PDF option that are based on member feedback.

Enhancements include:
  • Moving the arbitrator’s justification higher up in the document
  • Adding member-entered internal reference numbers
  • Restructuring the Award Summary to allow members to quickly see payments owed and payments due
These enhancements will make the decision PDF easier to read.
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Getting Help on Unpaid Awards

Image of case on a wooden tableDo you need help with an unpaid award in TRS? Follow these steps to ensure that your request is received and processed promptly. Remember, these steps are only to request assistance on unpaid awards.

If there are other issues with the award amount (such as calculations or deductions that weren’t applied, etc.), it’s better to raise a Post-Decision Inquiry (PDI) rather than use an unpaid award type.

Here’s how to make the unpaid award assistance request.

From within the case page, go to:

1. Case Overview

2. Decision Panel

3. Decision Actions

4. Unpaid Award
Screenshot of the Decision Actions menu and Unpaid Award option 

5. First Reminder (will be available 30 days after the decision publish date)

6. Click Send – This option will automatically send to the adverse party listed on case

7. Second Reminder (will be available 30 days after the first reminder is sent)

8. This will notify AF that a second letter needs to be sent
Image of the Send Award Payment Reminder panel

If you have any questions or issues on the processes, please contact Member Services at 866-977-3434 or email status@arbfile.org.
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Post-Decision Inquiries in TRS

One of TRS’s many benefits is that it streamlines work processes, including how a Post-Decision Inquiry (PDI) is made. Rather than navigating to a linked form on AF’s website, TRS users can submit a PDI directly from the case:
Screenshot of Decision Action menu and the Create Post Decision Inquiry option

To support prompt resolution of disputes, inquires made after a decision are limited to specific time frames. TRS improves the PDI process by only allowing valid PDI options to appear; if an inquiry type is not available, it means the time frame to make that inquiry has expired.

Based on membership feedback, we’ve also added the following message to display, starting after our June system updates: "If you do not see the inquiry you are looking for, the timeframe to submit that type of inquiry has expired." Below is a refresher on time limitations for types of PDIs:
Image of the time limitations for types of PDIs
The PDI process in TRS eliminates the possibility of submitting expired inquiries. This is just one of the ways TRS makes your claim resolution process more efficient! 
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Policy Limits Acceptance – One Last Opportunity

Image of a clock with the second hand almost at midnightArticle Second (d) of the various arbitration agreements provides that a company seeking recovery may agree to accept an award not to exceed policy limits and waive its right to pursue the balance directly against the responding party’s insured. The filing company has many opportunities to do this. Are you aware of all of them?

The filer may:
  • Indicate its acceptance when submitting the filing
  • Indicate “Not Sure” or request a revisit if policy limits is asserted
  • Indicate its acceptance within 60 days of the decision publication
To do so immediately following the decision publication (where the responding party has been deemed out of jurisdiction due to policy limits):

1. Select the applicable Case ID.

2. Select Decision Actions > Accept Policy Limits.
Screenshot of the Decision Action menu and the Accept Policy Limits option 

3. You will be presented with an amended Award Summary for the specific feature filing and must agree to the terms and select Accept.
Screenshot of the policy limits terms
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Refiling After a Decision Is Published in TRS

Image of a sign post with different options as directionsToday, as a recovering party, if you want to change your answer to the Policy Limits question in TRS after a decision has been heard, you can only do so in a two-party case and within 60 days after a decision has been published (see article above). With upcoming enhancements, you will have the ability to change your answer to accept policy limits in two-party and multi-party cases, 60 days after a decision has been published.

Changing the answer to the policy limits question will initiate a workflow requiring responding parties to respond. This functionality will be referred to as “Refile” in TRS, as the party will be refiling a case that was already heard.

Watch your E-Bulletins this summer for more information!
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