April 2018 E-Bulletin for TRS

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. TRS Response Extension Functionality to Be Released

TRS Response Extension Functionality to Be Released

Image of an hour glass on a calendarThank you for sending feedback on your experience with TRS. One thing often requested by our members is the need for a response extension to allow for more time beyond the 30-day response due date for preparing and submitting a TRS response. We’ve developed that functionality and are happy to announce it will become available on April 21.

A response extension was not originally included in TRS because TRS filings are required to originate from an E-Subro Hub demand. As such, the TRS filing would not be the Responder’s first notice of the filing company’s claim, and the E-Subro Hub guidelines provide that arbitration should not be filed for 45 days after the demand issuance. However, with the development of direct filings coming later this year, the need to allow response extensions became necessary.

Pursuant to Rule 2-9:
  • Only one 15-day extension can be requested by a responding party.
  • The extension applies only to the requesting Responder; other Responder due dates remain the same.
  • A fee, which is part of the fee schedule, is charged for the extension.
  • The 15 additional days are added to the original response due date.
  • A response extension cannot be requested after the party has submitted its response.
Response Extension Steps

1. From the Worklist, click on the case-level ellipsis and select Request Extension.
Screenshot of the worklist menu 

2. Or, when in a case, click on Request Extension in the Case Actions.
Screenshot of the Case Actions menu 

3. Select a reason for the extension request and enter any optional additional information.
Screenshot of the Response Extension options
4. Click Save.
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