E-Bulletin for E-Subro Hub Index of Articles

Article Title Issue
Exciting Change Coming to AF Reporting September 2019
Preserving Neutrality, Privacy, and Confidentiality September 2019
System Maintenance, December 2019 September 2019
A Closer Look at an E-Subro Hub Question August 2019
Upcoming Enhancement: Splitting the Claim/Policy Number and Introducing Internal References March 2019
Navigating Through the New Look of the E-Subro Hub Reports Platform March 2019
Ready to Join Total Recovery Solution (TRS)? March 2019
Preserving Privacy and Confidentiality March 2019
Ready to Join Total Recovery Solution (TRS)? January 2019
A Closer Look at Frequently Asked E-Subro Hub Questions January 2019
NASP 2019 Subrogation Litigation: Skills & Management Conference January 2019
E-Subro Hub Report Migration in 2018 December 2018
Effective October 1, 2019: All Automobile Subrogation Arbitration Program Claims To Be Filed in TRS® Platform December 2018
Interested in Seeing a Demo for TRS®? December 2018
Introducing Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) September 2018
System Maintenance, October 2018 September 2018
Third-Party Administrator Enhancements September 2018
Exciting Changes Coming to AF Reporting in 2018 July 2018
TRS Eligible Cases – Remember to Add a Prior Payment July 2018
System Maintenance, July 2018 June 2018
Upcoming Enhancements to E-Subro Hub June 2018
Six New E-Subro Hub Enhancements to Help You Be More Efficient March 2018
A Closer Look at Frequently Asked E-Subro Hub Questions: AF Evidence Retention Policies January 2018
A Closer Look at a Frequently Asked E-Subro Hub Question November 2017
My Team: E-Subro Hub's Optimal Team Management Feature May 2017
⚠ Article that is not part of an E-Bulletin March 2017
Document Sharing March 2017
Welcome New E-Subro Hub Members! December 2016
Wrapping Up the Industry Guidelines Review December 2016
Training Resources September 2016
Welcome, Zurich Insurance! September 2016
Actionable Response Times September 2016
Don't Get Locked Out! September 2016
System Maintenance, November 2016 September 2016
Training Resources July 2016
The Total Loss Guideline July 2016
Training Resources May 2016
Arbitrate Directly from E-Subro Hub May 2016
Demand Details Requirements May 2016
Training Resources March 2016
Qualifying E-Subro Hub Demands March 2016
A Look Back at 2015 January 2016
Revised E-Subro Hub Guidelines Coming February 15, 2016 January 2016