June 2018 E-Bulletin for Arbitrators

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. System Maintenance, July 2018
  2. New Arbitrator Training Courses Offered!
  3. Video Evidence Coming in August
  4. Reporting Suspected Illegal, Dishonest, or Fraudulent Activities
  5. Member Feedback… Thank You, Arbitrators!

System Maintenance, July 2018

Image of laptop with tools on top of itAF is scheduled to perform system maintenance and upgrades. As a result, AF’s website will be unavailable from 10 PM Eastern on Friday, July 27, 2018, to 6 PM Eastern on Sunday, July 29, 2018.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our members. AF is committed to continuously enhancing our products and services. We thank you for your continued support.
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New Arbitrator Training Courses Offered!

Image of a date on a calendar that says Learn Something NewHave you been asked to serve as a member arbitrator and have little or no experience with AF and intercompany arbitration? Or do you simply want to broaden your knowledge of intercompany arbitration and the process? If yes, then our new courses are for you!

Our AF 101 introductory course for new arbitrators reviews the agreements (who can participate, what types of disputes are resolved and excluded) and provides an overview of a case path and some of the common actions by filers and responders, including affirmative pleadings and defenses, deferments, and disputing damages. Enroll in a session on our website.

Our AF 201 intermediate course was designed for arbitrators who want to increase their knowledge of arbitration from basic to intermediate. Learn practical handling tips and considerations for specific case scenarios, including affirmative pleadings and affirmative defenses, liability admissions, and awards that involve an adjustment. Enroll in a session on our website.
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Video Evidence Coming in August

The ability for parties to submit video evidence is coming in August. What does this mean to you as an arbitrator?

First, you will recognize that a video file has been submitted by the presence of a graphic icon (see below).
Screenshot of the Supporting Evidence field with the video evidence icon highlighted 

When reviewing video evidence, consider its relevancy and credibility, just as you do with any other submitted evidence.

Other than that, there is nothing else you will need to do, except maybe adjust your computer’s audio volume before you play the video. No software or accessory needs to be added to your computer.
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Reporting Suspected Illegal, Dishonest, or Fraudulent Activities

Image of a business woman blowing a whistleArbitration Forums, Inc. (AF) is committed to providing an environment free of illegal, dishonest, or fraudulent activity.

AF has contracted with a third-party service called DirectAccess, through which arbitrators may anonymously report suspected illegal, dishonest, or fraudulent acts or violations by an AF employee.

View the flyer for information and details about DirectAccess.
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Member Feedback… Thank You, Arbitrators!

Image of a post-it note that reads Your Feedback MattersThe following is recent member feedback on decisions. Kudos to all on providing the high-quality decisions our membership values and appreciates.

“Good explanation in the decision supports that the arbitrator did review all evidence submitted to make her obviously logical decision on liability.”
Thank you, Arbitrator Jennifer Powell!

“The arbitrator did a great job in reviewing the submitted evidence and making a reasonable determination. Very impressive. She did a fantastic job. I'm very pleased. I can't be more pleased on this one. Yes, I'm tickled pink on this one.”
Thank you, Arbitrator Janice Barham!

“When the arbitrator cites specific evidence, that's always a really good thing, because you don't want any evidence to be overlooked. It's not just one piece of evidence, but multiple pieces. The explanation is clear and concise. It's grammatically correct.”
Thank you, Arbitrator Jonathan Killmeyer!

“There's a good explanation on what he based his decision on. It was based on the preponderance of evidence. He laid the decision out well, and it was clear what it was based on. I appreciate that he looked at all the evidence.”
Thank you, Arbitrator Anthony Roth!

“Liability was fairly straightforward, but there were some complicated damage issues. The arbitrator clearly went through everything that we had put in in detail.”
Thank you, Arbitrator Jean Fazzino!

“I had to send this email after reading the intelligent and thorough decision and reasoning by the arbitrator Marco Delbridge. I handle most of the arb responses for my company and have seen many decisions. This decision and write-up by Marco was very detailed and comprehensive. One can easily tell he is very capable when deciphering the appropriate evidence and statutes presented. A lot of time and work goes into my responses in order to give the panelist as much information as needed to make an informed and appropriate decision, especially when it comes to the legal aspect of a case. It’s validating on our end to see that the panelist takes his job as seriously as we do. Thank you, and well done Marco.”
Thank you, Arbitrator Marco Delbridge!
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