March 2021 E-Bulletin

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. Upcoming 2021 Enhancements and What We Delivered in 2020
  2. Recovering Party Update to TRS
  3. New Job Aids for Adverse Parties!
  4. TRS PIP and Med Pay Resources
  5. NASP 2021 Spring Conference
  6. Valuable Studies

Upcoming 2021 Enhancements and What We Delivered in 2020

Image of two arrows, one pointing left with 2020 in it and one pointing right with 2021 in itAF is dedicated to providing our membership with regular updates on enhancements to our products and services. Focused on innovation, we are committed to bringing our members the tools required to meet the needs of an evolving industry.

Throughout 2021, we are excited to introduce several enhancements aimed at improving our members’ experience. Details and release dates will be shared in the coming months.
  • E-Subro Hub Upgrade – You spoke; we listened! AF will be updating E-Subro Hub to enhance the look and feel, bringing with it an improved user experience. 
  • Business Intelligence Analytics – We will be launching a new visualization, Company E-Subro Hub Dashboard, which will provide an interactive experience from Demand and Responder views of actions taken in E-Subro Hub. 
    So far, we have launched enhancements to TRS reports with PIP/Med Pay filters (completed January 14 and February 11, 2021). During this year, TRS Metrics will begin phase 2, which includes an expansion of drill-down capability. We will also launch a new Predictive Analytics dashboard.
  • PIP and Medical Payment Arbitration in Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®): AF will continue to enhance the TRS PIP and Medical Payment functionality in 2021. This will include enhancements to the Hearing functionality for Arbitrators and improved decision quality for our members. 
  • Priority of Payments/Concurrent Coverage functionality in TRS: AF is working to provide our members the ability to file for Priority of Payments/Concurrent Coverage recovery in TRS. This functionality will be available for Collision, Comprehensive/OTC, and PIP and Medical Payment coverages.
Committed to the success of our membership, AF aims to continuously improve our products and services. Below is a list of enhancements we delivered in 2020 that were made possible by our members’ feedback:
  • Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) Metrics Visualizations (December 17, 2020) – AF launched the initial phase of TRS Metrics, which includes three, interactive charts showing features filed and features published from the view of filing and responding parties. For more details, please see the December E-Bulletin
  • PIP and Medical Payment Arbitration in TRS (December 14, 2020) – AF introduced enhanced functionality to allow the filing of new PIP and Medical Payment (Med Pay) coverages within Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®). Note: Does not include NY PIP. By filing these coverages in TRS, members will benefit from reduced cycle time and improved decision quality. 
  • Admit Liability (November 21, 2020) – AF launched a new E-Subro Hub feature within the Counter Offer and Reduced Payment negotiation actions that allows the responder to admit 100% liability. In the event the demand proceeds to arbitration, the 100% liability admission will carry over into TRS. Companies opt in to this new feature through a company configuration option. 
  • Shared Evidence (October 31, 2020) – For Auto supplemental filings, evidence submitted by the parties to support or dispute the supplemental damages will be viewable to the parties on the initial filing. Any new party subsequently added to the case (to recover their damages from one or all of the initial parties) would not see the public evidence. Users should review their evidence and redact any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) it may contain.
As always, we appreciate your patience and continued support as we incorporate your valued feedback into our products and services. Enhancements involve a unique layer of complexity, and our AF teams are working diligently to bring these to you in a timely fashion with the quality you expect. We take pride in delivering exceptional service to our members and look forward to sharing more details on future enhancements as the year progresses.
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Recovering Party Update to TRS

Image of a clothespin holding a post-it notes that says What's new?You have shared your feedback and we are listening!

During the Select Features to Submit workflow step for the Recovering Party, TRS provides a single check box to “revisit responses that raise Jurisdictional Exclusions or Damage Disputes,” as shown in the first image below: 
Screenshot of the Feature Selection screen

We received feedback that each of these potential reasons for a revisit should have its own check box. Following the update, the Feature Selection will provide separate check boxes for Jurisdictional Exclusions and Damage Disputes, as shown below:   

Screenshot of the Collision screen
Thank you for sharing your feedback. 
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New Job Aids for Adverse Parties!

Image of a woman working at a laptopTwo new job aids have been added to the TRS Resources Page in an effort to raise awareness regarding Prior Payments and Additional Exposures.

Both documents provide step-by-step instructions, quick tips, and do’s and don’ts.

Here are few things to keep in mind when entering Prior Payments
  • Per Rule 2-5, prior payments must be entered in the “Add Prior Payment Made” field for the credit to be applied to the award. If you enter payments in other fields, such as liability arguments, damage disputes or additional exposures, the payment will not be reduced from the award.
  • Do attach evidence supporting that a payment was cashed/cleared. Otherwise, a credit will not be applied.
  • Do not enter payments for out-of-pocket expenses or damages NOT sought in the filing (i.e., out of pocket rental or contents in the vehicle). These damages would be entered as an additional exposure if policy limits are at risk.
Image from Prior Payments job aid

A few things to keep in mind when entering Additional Exposures
  • Additional Exposures are parties with damages that an Adverse Party may be legally liable to pay and are not named in the current case.
  • If policy limits are NOT at risk, do not enter additional exposures to the arbitration case.
  • Do not add exposures for recovering parties under Additional Exposures, as they will already be noted in the filing.
  • Do attach evidence supporting the additional exposure (i.e., police report or recorded statement verifying an exposure exists). 
Image from Additional Exposures job aid

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TRS PIP and Med Pay Resources

Image of a compass pointing to the word AnswersNeed assistance filing PIP and Med Pay in TRS? The TRS Resources page offers the latest guides, tutorials, and helpful tips.
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NASP 2021 Spring Conference

NASP flyer for Technology Treasures conferenceMarch 25‒26, 2021

Visit the NASP website to register, make hotel reservations, download conference brochures, and more.
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Valuable Studies

AdvertisementNASP’s collection of Subrogation Benchmarking Studies are ready to go when you need them. From recoveries, to staffing, these detailed studies are the foundation to improving your business.

National Association of Subrogation Professionals
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