Respondents: Properly Support Prior Payments

Image of money in a mailboxWhen negotiating liability with adverse parties, respondents will often pay what they feel they owe, leaving the Applicant with an unpaid balance. To collect, Applicants will file the unpaid subrogation balance in arbitration.

If you’re a Respondent, it’s imperative to support payments made to Applicants ensuring arbitration awards are appropriately reduced.

The payment can come in a variety of forms. Below are examples:

A copy of the  actual check/draft with status of “deposit/cashed”:
Image of a deposited check

A print screen  with status of “honored/cashed”:
Image of a statement showing an honored payment

A print screen showing an  EFT payment was “sent”:
Image showing an EFT payment was sent

Article published in: September 2018 E-Bulletin