Video Evidence Submissions Coming in August

We are excited to announce that the ability to submit video evidence in Online Filing is coming in August, eliminating the need for a company representative to take the time to make a personal appearance to play the video evidence for the arbitrator.
  • The file size cannot exceed 40MB.
  • Acceptable file types are .mov, .wmv, .avi, .mp4, and .vob.
  • All submitted video file types are converted to .mp4 format to eliminate any compatibility issues for the arbitrator.
  • Bookmarking may be used on lengthy videos to indicate points of interest to the arbitrator.
  • Examples of appropriate video evidence include: dash cam video of accident, security video showing accident, and video of scene.
The process to upload video evidence in OLF is identical to how any evidence is uploaded:

1. Select “Video Evidence” under Available Evidence Types and move it under Selected Evidence Items.
Screenshot of the Evidence tab

2. After the filing or response is submitted, select Upload Evidence and upload the video file.
Screenshot of the Upload Evidence option

3. A video graphic depicts that the uploaded file is a video file.
Screenshot of the Video Evidence icon

4. Depending on what the video is of, the submitting party can:
  1. Select “Video Evidence” and use the Description field to explain what it is, i.e., dash cam video of accident, security video showing accident, video of scene.
  2. Select a comparable evidence type such as “Statement - Driver” (the graphic icon will convey that it is a video file).

Article published in: June 2018 E-Bulletin