Liability Admitted? Remember to Enter 100 Percent

100 percent

We often see cases where the Respondent concedes liability, noting “liability admitted” or “liability not disputed” in his or her contentions. The Respondent might also note a partial payment to the Applicant. Doing this indicates that the only issue in dispute is damages.

However, we also often see in these responses that the Respondent does not enter “100%” in the Percentage of Liability Admitted field (shown below). When liability is not in dispute, it’s important to enter “100%” in the Percentage of Liability Admitted field.

When that value is entered, the case is systematically categorized as a damage dispute. This classification helps get the dispute matched to an appropriately qualified arbitrator and expedites the case’s resolution.

Screenshot of the Incident Info tab

Article published in: April 2018 E-Bulletin