Latest News about TRS

On October 1, 2019, TRS became the exclusive platform for all automobile subrogation arbitration program cases.

TRS Deferments Resource Now Available
September 19, 2019
In anticipation of the release of Deferments on October 1, a step-by-step guide on the process of Deferments for both recovering and responding parties is now available.

TRS Self-Insured Filings
September 19, 2019
Self-Insured filers in OLF typically use the Affirmative Pleading section to provide their liability carrier’s information in the event the adverse party files a counterclaim for its damages. In TRS, the self-insured filer will see new fields to help gather that information.

Non-signatories and TRS
September 19, 2019
AF will be adding the ability for a signatory to file against a non-signatory or vice versa in TRS on December 14...

Upcoming Enhancements

Conceptual image of enhancements using gears and iconsSome of the functionality you will see deployed during 2019 includes:

  1. Ability to request a deferment; ability for an adverse party to challenge the deferment request.
  2. Ability for a signatory to file against a non-signatory or vice versa. This includes scenarios in which the non-signatory consents to arbitrate or the loss state mandates the use of intercompany arbitration through AF.

A Look Ahead

  • Image of four puzzles piecesExtensions and revisits are one of many topics we will continue to work with the membership and our Board of Directors to evaluate throughout 2019. We anticipate completing the evaluation with our members and Board to determine the best solution for extensions and revisits at the beginning of Q4 2019. These changes, and others, will be based on the needs of the membership as a whole and the long-term benefits our members expect from the TRS technology platform.
  • PIP and MedPay arbitration programs will transition to the upgraded technology in 2020.
  • All remaining arbitration programs will be upgraded to the TRS platform by the end of 2021.