November 2019 E-Bulletin for E-Subro Hub

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. Revisions to AF Agreements
  2. A Closer Look at E-Subro Hub FAQs
  3. AF Reduces Fees in 2020
  4. System Maintenance Rescheduled to February 2020

Revisions to AF Agreements

Image of two hands across a table holding a sheet of paperUpdates to Article Fifth and Sixth of the AF Agreements have been made to include arbitrator participation. These changes will become effective March 1, 2020.

Article Fifth – AF’s Function and Authority
  • (c) determine qualification criteria, provide for the selection and appointment of arbitrators, and establish arbitrator participation requirements for the signatory companies;
Article Sixth – Arbitrator Participation
  • Signatory companies agree to provide qualified arbitrators from among full-time employees, and hear as many cases as they file.
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A Closer Look at E-Subro Hub FAQs

Image of a question markWhat happens when the Third-Party Administrator (TPA) has not been granted E-Subro Hub access by a company they manage claims for?

As you know, TPAs can be active participants in the E-Subro Hub process. While TPAs are most commonly involved with property damage reviews, they will also issue demands on behalf of member companies. When doing so, in most instances, the TPA has been associated with the member company. When a claim is referred to the TPA, he or she will initiate the subrogation process and can easily issue and maintain a demand in the E-Subro Hub system.

However, what happens when the TPA is unable to issue demands in E-Subro Hub on the member’s behalf because he or she has not been granted E-Subro Hub access by a company he or she manages claims for? With no ability to initiate a demand for a member in E-Subro Hub, the TPA would have little choice but to issue the demand outside the E-Subro Hub platform. Assuming the demanding company and responding company are both active in E-Subro Hub, this process would be inconsistent with the E-Subro Hub Agreement signed by active member companies.

This dilemma can easily be resolved when the member submits a TPA Consent Letter to AF Member Services ( This document can authorize designated TPAs to issue and/or work E-Subro Hub demands on your company’s behalf.

AF can assist with configuring a TPA workflow that will make the process efficient for both the member and TPA.

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AF Reduces Fees in 2020

Image of the word feesArbitration Forums, Inc. (AF) is pleased to announce additional changes to our fee structure, providing our members with even more cost-effective services. In addition to a five dollar reduction to filing fees, AF will continue to provide the use of E-Subro Hub at no charge.

These changes will go into effect on January 1, 2020.

AF is dedicated to ensuring you, our members, are at the center of everything we do. We appreciate your continued participation in AF’s programs.
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System Maintenance Rescheduled to February 2020

Image of gears over an updating barAF was originally scheduled to perform system maintenance and upgrades during the weekend of December 6-8. However, we have rescheduled the maintenance period to February 14-16, 2020. As a result, AF's website will be unavailable from 9 PM Eastern on Friday, February 14, 2020, to 6 PM Eastern on Sunday, February 16, 2020.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our members. AF is committed to continuously enhancing our products and services. We thank you for your continued support.
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