July 2018 E-Bulletin for E-Subro Hub

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. Exciting Changes Coming to AF Reporting in 2018
  2. TRS Eligible Cases – Remember to Add a Prior Payment

Exciting Changes Coming to AF Reporting in 2018

Image of a clock with an arrow that says coming soonWe know AF’s members rely heavily on comprehensive subrogation and arbitration data from AF to effectively run their businesses. That’s why this year, AF is beginning the migration of current reports into a more robust reporting platform.

AF will begin migrating E-Subro Hub reports into the new reporting platform this fall. The migrated reports will be removed from the current drop-down menus and added to the new reporting platform.

During this process AF will take the opportunity to review the PDF, Excel, and CSV formats to make appropriate adjustments. This may include adding, removing, or updating the order of columns for selected reports. Additionally, reports that are no longer requested or are being underutilized may be consolidated or removed from the reporting platform.

In 2019, AF will continue the report migration, addressing remaining member reports as well as internal AF reports. AF will also begin to offer more enhanced features of the new reporting platform:
  • Enabling members to view their most requested data through interactive dashboards/data visualizations.
  • Working with members to identify and provide interactive key performance indicators (KPIs) that will bring the most important data to life.
  • The ability for members to schedule reports, eliminating the need to manually run reports during peak work hours.
In the coming years, AF will collaborate with members to build long-term strategies that may take advantage of some of the most powerful capabilities of the new platform. These include, but are not limited to, member self-service (by power users) as well as the reporting platform’s ability to receive and provide data feeds to members.

Please continue to check your E-Bulletins for more information on the E-Subro Hub report migration.
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TRS Eligible Cases – Remember to Add a Prior Payment

When an E-Subro Hub demand is pushed to arbitration, the filer will have the option to use the TRS platform, so long as the Feature Amount Sought is $5,000 or less. TRS takes into account a prior partial payment. If a prior payment has been received but not entered, this will cause the claim to qualify only for the OLF arbitration platform.

To record a prior payment in the E-Subro Hub demand, select Manage Demand > Payment > Add Payment.

Screenshot of the Manage Demand tab and menu
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