E-Subro Hub Training Resources

Arbitration Forums, Inc. (AF) strives to provide our membership with high-quality products and services. The following training resources are provided to ensure your success with E-Subro Hub.


(12 minutes) - This tutorial provides the steps to enter demand information, attach supporting evidence, issue the demand and identify response types available. (Published 1/13/15)

(10 minutes) - This tutorial provides the steps to successfully access a demand in E-Subro Hub, effectively respond to a demand (i.e. Accept, Counter, Deny, etc.), and correctly identify the components of the E-Subro Hub Work List. (Published 1/13/15)

(6:35 minutes) - This tutorial provides the steps to access E-Subro Hub reports through AF's new reporting platform. (Published 2/26/19)

(7:25 minutes) - This tutorial is an introduction to the new E-Subro Hub open demand metrics visualizations. (Published 9/20/19)

Instructional Aids

The following guides provide a basic overview for Routers, Demanders, and Responders. Internal workflows/processes may vary.

Basic Routers Guide

Basic Subrogation/Demander Guide

Basic Liability/Responder Guide

Overview of E-Subro Hub Open Demand Metrics