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AF provides resources to help our arbitrators be successful in their service to the insurance industry and maintain our members continued confidence in the arbitration process.

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Our Webinars are designed to help you develop the skills needed to evaluate a case, render a decision, and more importantly, provide a clear analysis of the evidence that influenced your decision.

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Online Tutorials

  •  (6.5 minutes) - defines affirmative defense, identifies affirmative defense issues, and outlines the process to properly hear an affirmative defense issue.
  •  (9.5 minutes) - identifies potential coverage arguments, explains difference between coverage argument and jurisdiction objection, and defines the requirements for a successful affirmative defense based on a denial of coverage.
  •  (13 minutes) - Covers common issues that arise with damage disputes and arbitrator considerations for effectively handling them. These issues include: Adverse and Recovering Party misuse of TRS, recognition of a damages argument (comparison/contrast examples), Recovering Party deductible claimed twice, and showing the math on reduced damage decisions. 
  •  (8.5 minutes) - reviews the principles involved in writing a clear, concise and case-specific arbitration decision.
  •  (7 minutes) - discusses the identification of a deferment, explains valid deferment requests, and identifies reasons to reject a deferment request.
  •  (7.5 minutes) - discusses an arbitrator's ethical obligations when hearing cases and identifies cases an arbitrator should not hear.
  •  (7 minutes) - explains the difference between Contentions and Evidence, identifies common types of evidence, evaluates the usefulness of evidence, and discusses rendering a decision based on the evidence.
  •  (8 minutes) - reviews how to identify proof that a prior payment was actually accepted, which means it was cashed; entering a decision when a prior payment was accepted and cashed; and entering a decision when the liability assessment creates an award less than the prior payment that was accepted and cashed.
  •  (4 minutes) - guides you through the process of navigating an online case.
  •  (7 minutes) - discusses how to access the decision management page, provides description of the decision entry fields, and covers how to enter an accurate decision.
  •  (18 minutes) - reviews the hearing and decision review/approval process.