Third-Party Administrator Resources

We set up TPAs with their own company code and dedicated Security Administrator. If you are a TPA and are requesting online access to your client's cases, AF will need your client's written consent to process your request. This can be in the form of an email to The forms below must be completed for a TPA to have filing access.

Please contact Member Services for any further information regarding TPA online access.

Complete the following forms and email them to

  • Security Administrator Profile Form
    Security administrators have a user designation that allows them to add, modify, and remove business units and users for their company. Regardless of the business unit to which they are assigned, administrators can control business units and users for the entire company. Security administrators can also specify company preferences related to their company's participation in AF's programs.
  • TPA Letter of Consent
    The TPA Letter of Consent must be submitted on the member company letter head; be signed by a corporate officer, senior level executive, or an individual that has the authority to bind their organization to a nationwide contract; and cannot be case specific.
  • Global Authorization Form
    To improve our members' experience and increase efficiencies, AF transitioned all paper notices on unanswered cases to email notifications. Each TPA Company must provide a global email address to which AF will send its notifications. Only an authorized officer of the TPA Company may approve the process.