TRS® Resources

The following resources are provided to ensure your success navigating Total Recovery Solution (TRS). TRS is a work-in-progress; these resources are based on its current state of development.

For TPAs

Recorded Demos

  •  (24:06) — Reviews the Filing workflow for a direct filing in TRS (not originating from an E-Subro Hub demand).
  •  (10:17) — Reviews the Filing workflow originating from an E-Subro Hub demand.
  •  (7:36) — Reviews the primary-excess coverage functionality.
  •  (20:57) — Reviews the Responding workflow, including adding damages (counterclaim).
  •  (10:28) — Reviews submitting evidence to TRS using AFClient.
  •  (3:03) — Reviews submitting video evidence and adding bookmarks.
  •  (15:39) — Reviews revisits in TRS.
  •  (8:29) — Reviews requesting a three-person panel and/or personal appearance in TRS.
  •  (9:28) — Reviews the steps to complete to submit a post-decision issue regarding policy limits or denial of coverage (Rule 3-9), a clerical or jurisdictional error (Rule 4-2), or a delinquent award pay notification (Rule 5-2).
  •  (19:53) — Reviews the Hearing workflow.
  •  (18 minutes) - reviews the hearing and decision review/approval process.

Live Webinars

These 60-minute sessions offer members a live demonstration of TRS. View the available dates and sign up for the following Webinars.