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TRS is a work-in-progress; the following resources are based on its current state of development.

For Recovering and Adverse Parties

 Guides and Helpful Tips

video icon Recorded Demos

  • PIP/Med Pay  (5:10) — Reviews the differences between the Auto, PIP, and Med Pay forums (does not include NY PIP). (Published 11/4/2020)
  • Auto  (23:24) — Reviews the Filing workflow for TRS. (Published 2/4/2020)
  • PIP/Med Pay  (18:13) — Reviews the Filing workflow for TRS for a medical payment case. (Published 9/20/2021)
  • PIP/Med Pay  (21:32) — Reviews how to file a PIP case in TRS. (Published 11/4/2020)
  •  (7:36) — Reviews the primary-excess coverage functionality. (Published 6/8/2018)
  •  (11:48) — Demonstrates how to file arbitration in TRS against a company that is non-signatory to the automobile subrogation arbitration agreement. (Published 12/13/2019)
  •  (3:03) — Reviews how to join an existing case when TRS finds a case that appears to be a duplicate of the case you are trying to submit. (Published 9/20/2021)
  • Auto  (22:52) — Reviews the Responding workflow for cases with and without counterclaims. (Published 3/4/2020)
  • PIP/Med Pay  (17:42) — Reviews the Responding workflow for medical payment cases with and without counterclaims. (Published 9/20/2021)
  • PIP/Med Pay  (24:18) — Reviews the Responding workflow for PIP cases (does not include New York PIP). (Published 11/18/2020)
  •  (10:28) — Reviews submitting evidence to TRS using AFClient. (Published 5/21/2019)
  •  (3:03) — Reviews submitting video evidence and adding bookmarks. (Published 8/15/2018)
  •  (8:45) — Learn everything there is to know about revisits, including: what a revisit is, how it works, different types of revisits, how to find cases with a revisit in your Worklist, options to request a revisit, and the navigation to accept policy limits post-decision. (Published 2/22/2022)
  •  (5:35) — Provides an overview of the TRS Worklist, filtering options, and the different views available. (Published 3/24/2020)
  •  (8:29) — Reviews requesting a three-person panel and/or personal appearance in TRS. (Published 1/10/2019)
  •  (2:56) — Reviews how to remove a party if the party was wrongly named on the case. (Published 9/20/2021)
  •  (5:02) — Reviews how to file a supplement after the case has been heard. (Published 3/31/2021)
  •  (6:30) — Reviews how to respond to and dispute the supplement damages paid. (Published 3/31/2021)
  •  (6:07) — Reviews how to view a decision in TRS once it is published and where to find details of the findings. (Published 10/12/2020) 
  •  (8:26) — This video will cover where to navigate in TRS to create a post-decision inquiry (PDI) and a quick demonstration on how to complete each option found under the Decision Actions tab including: Accept Policy Limits, Create a Post-Decision Inquiry (Rule 3-9), and Request Unpaid Awards.  (Published 2/22/2022) 

For Arbitrators

Guides and Helpful Tips

video icon Recorded Demos

  • Auto  (15:22) — Reviews the Hearing workflow for cases with and without counterclaims. (Published 10/19/21)
  • PIP/Med Pay  (10:31) — Reviews the Hearing workflow for Med Pay cases (Published 9/20/2021)
  • PIP/Med Pay  (19:21) — Reviews the Hearing workflow for PIP cases. (Published 12/16/2020)
  •  (5:20) — This tutorial is a navigation through the Arbitrator Worklist. As we navigate, arbitrators will gain insight into each tab and various badges displayed on assigned cases. Arbitrators will also learn how to pull cases to hear, along with a brief explanation of status types. (Published 2/11/2022)
  •  (18:00) — Reviews the hearing and decision review/approval process. (Published 2/14/2019)
  •  (2:08) — Reviews how to access and reply to PDIs submitted by members. (Published 5/20/2020)
  •  (4:25) — Reviews how to hear a supplement case. (Published 3/31/2021)
  •  (8:19) — Reviews evaluating liability deductibles and entering liability decisions. (Published 10/19/21)
  •  (8:00) — Explains the difference between granting and denying a jurisdictional exclusion (JE) and how to determine if a JE should be granted or denied, given a scenario. (Published 7/31/2020)
  •  (5:12) — Reviews how to render awards when policy limits are at issue, both when the recovering party has or has not accepted policy limits. (Published 7/22/2020)
  •  (23:44) — In this tutorial, arbitrators will learn how to rule on additional exposures in which policy limits have been raised. (Published 3/10/2022)
  • PIP/Med Pay  (7:34) — Reviews how to use the Modify Award option in TRS to award the correct amount. (Published 12/16/2020)
  •  (13 minutes) — - Covers common issues that arise with damage disputes and arbitrator considerations for effectively handling them. These issues include: Adverse and Recovering Party misuse of TRS, recognition of a damages argument (comparison/contrast examples), Recovering Party deductible claimed twice, and showing the math on reduced damage decisions. (Published 8/9/2021)

For TPAs

Live Webinars

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