Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®)

The next phase of our journery... TRS. October 1


AF's upgraded arbitration and subrogation platform is designed to streamline and consolidate our recovery and resolution services.

Phased Approach

TRS will be delivered to AF’s member companies in a phased approach:
Phase I – Limited Automobile Arbitration
Phase II – Expanded Auto and all remaining arbitration programs
Phase III – Subrogation (E-Subro Hub)
TRS is currently in Phase I.


Image of a calendar and clock iconReduced Cycle Time

  • Responders have 30 days from case submission to submit response.
  • No “reschedules” or “amendments” in Phase I. Parties have limited circumstances to “revisit” a filing to make updates/changes (i.e., accept policy limits, rebut a damage dispute, or challenge a raised jurisdictional exclusion). A 15-day extension is available, if needed.
  • The system is built to avoid unnecessary delays. Cases are ready to hear once all parties have submitted their response.

Image of a clipboard iconReduced Filing and Decision Errors

  • Detailed information gathered during filing and responding to ensure accuracy.
  • Allowance to request change of incorrect information regarding named party or loss location/date.
  • Evidence is attached at same time filing/response is being prepared for submission.

Image of a medal iconImproved Decision Quality

  • Improved arbitrator profiling and case matching.
  • Required commentary on evidence that is specifically linked to a liability or damages argument; allows the arbitrator to address specific arguments and view evidence in context.
  • Single liability decision will eliminate inconsistency between decisions when a claim and counterclaim(s) are submitted separately due to pending damages.

Other Benefits

  • Allows users to submit video evidence during filing and responding.
  • A user-friendly arbitrator workflow, eliminating the need for participation plans.
  • Ability to provide feedback as the system continues to evolve.
For more information about TRS, please call 1-866-977-3434.