Video Evidence – What It Is and Isn't

Recently, we have seen an increase of Personal Appearances for representatives to play their video evidence for arbitrators. To streamline the hearing process, we ask that you attach acceptable videos directly into your TRS filing. Doing so eliminates the need to set up a date and time for you to present your video evidence to arbitrators. 

The lists below provide information on acceptable versus unacceptable video evidence.
Acceptable Video Evidence
  • Dashcam video of an accident
  • Security video showing an accident
  • Video of an accident scene
  • Accident scene video taken in lieu of scene photos
  • Accident scene cellphone video taken by a party/witness immediately following the accident
  • Animated reconstruction video
Unacceptable Video Evidence
  • Recording of an audio statement in lieu of the transcribed statement
  • Adjuster video presentation of arguments/evidence
Remember, video evidence is something for the arbitrator to watch, not listen to. In the case of evidence that is truly audio evidence (such as recorded statements or audio recordings), AF requires that the written transcript of the recording be provided as evidence for the arbitrator to read. These items are not acceptable as video evidence and will not be considered by the arbitrator.

To learn more on this topic, AF has created the following additional resources: