Shared Logins

At Arbitration Forums, Inc. (AF), security is a priority. Security Administrators play a major role in minimizing security risks. A Security Administrator is an authorized person designated by the company to create user accounts with proper privileges. Every individual user should be set up with their own user identification (User ID) to access the AF website. Shared logins are prohibited (for example, one user’s User ID and password being used by more than the original Authenticated User is prohibited). In addition, Security Administrators should not give third-party administrator (TPA) users a login under the company. TPAs need to have a TPA consent letter from the company sent to Once the consent letter is received, AF’s Membership team will work directly with the TPA to set up individual Authenticated User credentials and/or set up a Security Administrator at the TPA to manage its users. For more information, please refer to the AF Terms of Use