Prior Payment Errors on Supplemental Filings

Errors applying credit for a prior payment are often made on supplemental filings when the payment is entered in error by the Adverse party and was actually payment of the prior arbitration award. Here are some tips to ensure credit for the payment is not made in error.
  1. The first indication of a problem is when the entered prior payment amount exceeds the supplemental damages sought. For example, the Recovering party was initially awarded $2,300 and seeks an additional $800 in supplemental damages. The Adverse party enters a prior payment of $2,300. The fact that only $800 is sought should make you question if the $2,300 prior payment applies to the supplemental damages.
  2. The prior decision should be viewed to determine if the award amount equals the amount of the prior payment entered on the supplemental filing. If it does, do not apply the credit.
Screenshot of the Feature Decision with the option to view the liability decision.