New Deferment Option for Total Loss with Pending Salvage

As of September 23, 2023, parties to a case with multiple features that include a total loss with pending salvage and assertions of policy limits are given an opportunity to defer all features until the salvage is resolved. Once the salvage has been resolved, the party requesting the deferment can remove the deferment. If the deferment is not withdrawn once the salvage has been resolved and the total loss feature has been submitted, the other parties on the case may challenge the deferment. This will permit the inclusion of all exposures to be heard within a single hearing, allowing arbitrators to render the most accurate decision and award.

Once the case has met the above qualifications, the message shown below will appear. The message will advise which party(s) has asserted policy limits, the amount of that party(s) limits, and the name of any party(s) that has submitted a feature on the case, along with the amount of damages the party(s) is seeking. If the deferment is not selected, then a reminder will appear on the Review and Submit page.

Screenshot of the Defer Pending Salvage image

If the party that receives this message chooses not to defer the case, then a revisit with the ability to defer will be provided to any party that has previously responded. If no deferment is requested by the parties, any related features will proceed to hearing and the feature with the pending salvage will proceed to a separate hearing once salvage has been resolved.