Filer/Responder Workshop Webinar – August 2023

AF facilitated its latest Filer/Responder workshop webinar on August 23 and 24, with 130 attendees. The purpose of these 30-minute workshops is to drive decision quality by:
  • Sharing information to improve filing and responding effectiveness.
  • Answering questions attendees have regarding filing and responding to cases.
The following are key takeaways from the August workshop.

Proof of Coverage Denials
  • A denial of coverage letter must be sent to the Responding Party’s insured or driver. This is the party seeking liability coverage under the policy. A denial of coverage letter to the claimant does not remove jurisdiction.
  • A company that denies coverage to their insured based on concurrent coverage does not remove jurisdiction from AF under a concurrent coverage right of recovery. It is the issue to be decided.
  • Liability and Damages Arguments (A Recurring Message)
  • Make arguments clear and concise
  • Address the specific issues
  • Refrain from using template arguments
  • Attach evidence directly to the deferment request or challenge
  • Request a deferment when there are additional exposures not included in the filing and you believe your policy limits will be exceeded.
  • Do not continue to request multiple deferments without new additional information or evidence to support the necessity of the deferment.
  • Do not repeatedly challenge a deferment when there are potential exposures that may impact the requesting party’s policy limits.
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