Arbitrator Workshop Webinars a Success

AF recently facilitated its most recent Arbitrator Workshop webinars on May 17 and 18, with over 230 attending. The purpose of these 30-minute workshops is to drive decision quality by:
  1. Sharing information with arbitrators on recent decision quality trends and drivers.
  2. Answering questions arbitrators may have on hearing cases.
The May workshops focused on:
  • Quality Damage Dispute Decisions
  • Addressing Rental Damage Challenges
  • Additional Exposures
  • Shared Evidence
Key takeaways from this workshop include:
  • The specific argument(s) regarding disputed damages should be addressed. Explain why reductions were or were not supported.
  • Do not base decisions regarding rental or salvage timeframes on non-existent “industry standards.” Base decisions on the specific arguments and evidence submitted in support.
  • When evidence supporting the damages sought are not properly attached and the Respondent disputes the damages based on this omission, the damages should not be awarded.
  • Evidence attached by the filer during a revisit may not be distinguishable from evidence attached when the filing was initially submitted. When in doubt, call AF or use the Arbitrator Support functionality to request clarification.
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