Arbitrator Workshop Webinars – November 2023

AF recently facilitated its last Arbitrator Workshop for 2023 with over 200 member arbitrators in attendance. The purpose of these 30-minute workshops is to drive decision quality by: 
  1. Sharing information with arbitrators on recent decision quality trends and drivers. 
  2. Answering questions arbitrators may have on hearing cases. 
The November topics and key takeaways included: 
  • Evidence Sharing (Auto Forum)
    • The Recovering and Responding Party’s obligations were discussed (Rule 2-1 and 2-5).
    • Damages are not to be awarded if evidence was not properly attached and the Responding Party raises this argument.
    • When in doubt as to whether evidence was properly attached, contact AF’s Arbitrator Support hotline (866-977-3434).
  • Damage Disputes: Invoices
    • Providing invoices is always encouraged, especially for obscure or non-standard repairs. However, invoices are not required to prove damages in arbitration if there is other information in the filing that supports the repair and/or amount.
  • MedPay/PIP Decision Quality
    • Avoid pre-written templates, address the arguments the parties made in the case, and discuss specific evidence that was actually produced.
    • Peer reviews and/or IMEs are not required to support a Responding Party’s damage dispute.
    • A Responding Party’s prior payment may need to be “allocated” among multiple features included in the filing if policy limits are asserted.
  • Property Decision Quality
    • Breach(es) of Duty clearly explained
    • Address arguments raised by each party
    • Clearly explain rational for decision
      • What evidence was influential?
      • What did the evidence contain that made it influential?
View the schedule for our 2024 Arbitrator Workshop webinars.