Arbitrator Workshop Webinars – July 2023

AF facilitated its most recent Arbitrator Workshop webinars on July 19 and 20, with over 270 attendees. The purpose of these 30-minute workshops is to drive decision quality by: 
  1. Sharing recent decision quality trends and drivers 
  2. Answering questions about hearing cases 
The July workshops focused on: 
  • Returned Decisions
  • Unknown Additional Exposures
  • Total Loss Versus Repair Disputes
  • Denial of Coverage (Rule 2-4)
Key takeaways from this workshop include the following topics: 
  • Cases returned to arbitrators prior to publication are meant to be helpful opportunities to learn about member expectations for decision quality. 
  • Additional Exposures can be valid even if the damage amount is unknown. Examine the evidence to see if there is support for the claimed exposures.
  • Carefully review the arguments and evidence in total loss versus repairable damage disputes to determine what damages have been proven, what statutes may be applicable, and how they apply.
  • Denial of coverage letters for Jurisdictional Exclusions must be addressed to the named insured or driver of the insured vehicle, etc. Letters to the Recovering party or their insured are not sufficient to support the exclusion.
 Our 2023 Arbitrator Workshop webinar schedule is available. We hope to see you there!