Arbitrator Workshop Webinars – January 2024

AF recently facilitated its first Arbitrator Workshop for 2024 with over 250 member arbitrators in attendance. The purpose of these 30-minute workshops is to drive decision quality by: 
  1. Sharing information with arbitrators on recent decision quality trends and drivers 
  2. Answering questions arbitrators may have on hearing cases 
The January topics and key takeaways included:
  • Claims Knowledge 
    • All decisions must be based solely on the arguments and evidence presented by the parties to avoid the perception of bias.
    • An arbitrator may use their claims knowledge and experience when rendering a decision, but they cannot use any other outside resources to research an issue. 
  • Michigan Auto Losses 
    • Michigan is a no-fault state for automobile losses. Arbitration is allowed for buildings, fences, and parked vehicles.
    • Losses are paid under PPI coverage (Property Protection Insurance). The statute of limitations is one year for these losses.  
    • Mini-tort applies to losses not covered under PPI. The statute of limitations for these losses is three years and allows recovery for an insured’s deductible, out-of-pocket rental. Michigan statute states mini-tort actions must be commenced in small claims court whenever legally possible. Carriers cannot file for only the deductible or out-of-pocket expenses. 
  • Deferments
    • Deferments are a one-year postponement from the date of filing an arbitration.  Any party may request a one-year deferment if issues must be resolved prior to the arbitration case being heard.
    • Deferments can be requested when policy limits are at risk and all exposures are not known, a cross-filer has pending salvage, or there is a pending law-suit that will directly affect policy limits. 
    • If you have any questions when hearing a deferment, contact AF’s Arbitrator Support hotline at 866-977-3434.
  • Modifying Awards
    • When hearing a case, typically, there is no need to modify the awarded damages.  A modification is any time you override the TRS-calculated award.
    • Awards should not be modified to apply credit for prior payments.
    • Do not modify the award when the Responding company has supported a reduction in damages.
Enroll in our March Arbitrator Workshop. We hope to see you there!