Appeals Functionality in TRS

The expansion of TRS to include Property filings includes functionality to file a formal appeal of a decision (Rule 2-12). This functionality will be available in the TRS Property and TRS Special forums. 

In TRS Property Cases where damages exceed $10,000 on any single feature, Recovering or Adverse parties to the case will now be able to appeal a decision through the TRS application. The appeal request can be initiated from the Case Overview Page by navigating to Decision Actions then selecting “Appeal Decision” (must be selected within 30 days of the decision date). 

The Appeal Request will have to be approved by AF and a fee of $1,000 will be required to be paid by the appellant on such approval being granted. The appellee(s) will be able to respond to the appeal that will be heard in due course by an appeal board appointed by AF.

The appeal functionality is in addition to the post-decision inquiry currently available to TRS users. 

Screenshot of The Decisions section with a highlighting box around the Appeal Decision option under the Decision Actions menu dropdown