Changes to the Agreements Effective March 1, 2020

The updates to Article Fifth and Sixth of the AF Agreements become effective March 1, 2020.
Article Fifth – AF’s Function and Authority 
(c) determine qualification criteria, provide for the selection and appointment of arbitrators, and establish arbitrator participation requirements for the signatory companies;

Article Sixth – Arbitrator Participation 
Signatory companies agree to provide qualified arbitrators from among full-time employees, and hear as many cases as they file.
Effective June 2, 2020, AF is implementing a Member Participation Policy.


Meeting Your 1:1 Heard-to-Filed Ratio

Fulfilling your heard-to-filed commitment to other members is crucial to the success of the intercompany arbitration relationship.

Image of two balls with the number 1 on each of them balancing on a boardWe’re working with all companies to meet their 1:1 heard-to-filed ratio and are here to assist you with the process of becoming an arbitrator and training you to render the quality decisions that make the arbitration process such a success.

Many arbitrator resources are available to help develop your skills in evaluating cases and providing a clear analysis of evidence, such as…  

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