January 2022 E-Bulletin

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. Decision Quality Update
  2. Enhancement to TRS Notifications
  3. Jurisdictional Exclusions and Deferments in TRS
  4. URL Defense Blocking Access to Live Webinars
  5. March 4-7 System Maintenance Cancelled

Decision Quality Update

Last year was a challenging year for many companies for a variety of reasons, but mostly due to pandemic-related issues and the “Great Resignation.” Productivity was understandably impacted. While AF maintained a low case cycle time, we did experience an impact to the number of heard cases near the end of the year. One thing that did not decline, however, was the level of quality decisions by our member arbitrators. Below are some amazing metrics.

Member Decision Reviews
Each quarter, designated member representatives provide their review and share feedback on recent decisions. Their feedback is specific to the reasonableness of the decision and the explanation for it.
  Decision Reasonable Decision Clearly Explained
2020 95% 93%
2021 96% 95%

Member Satisfaction Survey Results (Overall Decision Quality)
  Filer/Responder Survey Manager Survey
2020 92.8% 80.5%
2021 94.4% 87.8%

Ratio of Amended/Voided Decisions due Clerical/Jurisdictional Errors
  Ratio per Decisions Published
2020 2.6%
2021 2.1%

The above results would not be achieved without the efforts of our member arbitrators. Not only do they provide the time to hear the cases, they also respond promptly to requests for corrections or additional clarification, as needed, during the pre-publication review process and when a post-decision inquiry is submitted. Thank you for all you do to help improve our members’ experience!
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Enhancement to TRS Notifications

On January 8, AF deployed a new TRS enhancement to the member workflow. Notifications will now include the Responder’s policy and claim numbers, as long as this information was entered by the filer. This additional information will allow members to better identify claims in instances where a claim number may have been entered incorrectly.

Image of Case Information example
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Jurisdictional Exclusions and Deferments in TRS

We have recently noticed a number of cases in which jurisdictional exclusions and deferments were not raised and supported as required in TRS®

When hearing a jurisdictional exclusion on a deferred case or deferment challenge, an arbitrator can only view the justification and evidence submitted in the respective section. The arbitrator does not have access to anything else submitted in the case because the only issue to be ruled on is the jurisdictional exclusion or deferment challenge. 

To enable the arbitrator to fully view and consider a jurisdictional exclusion, it is imperative to raise and support it for the applicable coverage feature damages, or it is waived. This is done during the Feature Response Workflow Step (please see visuals for Rule 2-4 and Feature Response below). 

Since deferment requests may be challenged by an adverse party, it is also imperative to provide the basis for a deferment request in the Deferment Justification section (please see visuals for Rule 2-10 and Case Actions below). This will enable the arbitrator to fully view and consider any subsequent deferment challenge. 

For more detail regarding these rules, please view the Rules and Agreements.

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URL Defense Blocking Access to Live Webinars

Illustration of a digital lock on a hexHaving trouble joining a live webinar? You’re not alone. In today’s work-from-home environment, employers are diligently working to protect against malicious emails. As a result, some companies have installed special software to reduce cyber-attacks. One application called URL Defense is used to identify malicious links embedded in emails preventing them from being delivered to their final destination.

If you’ve attempted to log in to a live WebEx session and are blocked from access, chances are URL Defense is the culprit. 

Here’s what to look for.

Carefully review the confirmation email, paying close attention to the access link provided.

Screenshot of course enrollment confirmation email

If URLdefense.com/v3/ is embedded into the link, it will appear as seen below and may deny access to WebEx, preventing you from attending a webinar.

Image of the a URL with the URL Defense embedded link

If this happens, please contact your Information Technology (IT) department for resolution.
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March 4-7 System Maintenance Cancelled

Arbitration Forums, Inc. (AF) was scheduled to perform system maintenance from March 4-7, 2022. This maintenance has been cancelled and the website will remain available during this timeframe. We will communicate the rescheduled date once it is available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause your organization and appreciate your continued support.
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