November 2020 E-Bulletin

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. AF Case IDs in Total Recovery Solution
  2. PIP and Med Pay Changes Coming to TRS
  3. TPA Privileges: Restricted Versus Unrestricted
  4. NASP 2020 Annual Conference: Roaring Subro

AF Case IDs in Total Recovery Solution

Illustration of a car in front of a clipboardAs previously communicated, Arbitration Forums, Inc. (AF) will introduce PIP and Medical Payment (Med Pay) coverages in Total Recovery Solution® (TRS®) on December 14, 2020. As a result of this change, AF will modify AF Case Identifiers (IDs) to indicate the associated program on new TRS Cases. AF Case IDs will soon have an alphabetic prefix that indicates the coverage associated with the case. These modifications will allow members to determine the applicable coverage for each case and direct the cases to appropriate users.

For ease of transition, prefixes will be the same as those used in Online Filing (OLF). The following coverage indicators will be visible on new TRS cases starting Monday, December 14 when the PIP and Med Pay capability updates are available:
  • A – Automobile coverage
  • D – Med Pay coverage
  • I – PIP coverage
AF IDs associated with existing cases will remain unchanged. In future TRS releases, additional prefixes will be added as new coverage groups are introduced. 
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PIP and Med Pay Changes Coming to TRS

Image of a woman looking at a laptopThe ability to file PIP and Med Pay Arbitration in TRS is scheduled to go live December 14, 2020 (does not include NYPIP).

To help ensure a smooth adoption of these new coverages when they are released, we will share differences from the current Collision/OTC functionality as they are developed. A  is now available on the TRS Resources page. 

Some changes should be obvious to users who filed or responded to Auto, PIP, and Med Pay arbitration in our legacy Online Filing (OLF) application

The first change users will see when deployed is a move of the Coverage Group selection to the Incident Details and My Party Information workflow step.

 Image of the Incident Details tab with an arrow pointing at Coverage Group

Next, you will see the Coverage Information PIP question pertaining to acceptance of Policy Limits includes acceptance of coverage level policy limits AND per-person policy limits. 

Image of the Coverage PIP tab highlighting Policy Limits
Next, you will see the Feature Information will pertain to the injured party, with the corresponding Damage Types Applicable to respective coverage (the below example is PIP).

Screenshot of the Feature tab
Screenshot of the company-paid damages tab

As an Adverse Party, you will have the ability to assert your limits as Per-Person/Per Incident or a Combined Single Limit: 

Screenshot of Coverage Response - PIP

That’s it! Again, it’s very similar to the differences seen when filing Auto, PIP, and Med Pay in our legacy OLF application.

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TPA Privileges: Restricted Versus Unrestricted

Illustration of two padlocks, one open and one closedEffective December 14, 2020, TPAs that file and/or respond on PIP and Medical Payment (Med Pay) cases on behalf of a member company in TRS will automatically be given restricted access. Restricted access is defined as access to cases that members specifically assign to the TPA from within TRS. There is no need to obtain new TPA Letters of Consent or designate permission/consent via email for restricted access. However, if a member company determines a TPA should have unrestricted access, a new TPA Letter of Consent with the appropriate box checked, or an email requesting access, is required.
To expedite requests, an email to ( with the following criteria is now acceptable. The below information must be included in the email:
  • TPA name and code
  • Member name and code
  • Email signature with job position (must be from senior-level individual with authority to bind organization)
  • The following verbiage is suggested: Please allow TPA (name) to file as unrestricted on behalf of (member company).
TPA Privileges Table
For the most recent information regarding TPA privileges, please refer to the table below.
Action Restricted Unrestricted
Does a TPA need to be assigned to an existing TRS case by a member company? Yes No
Can a TPA begin a new case in TRS on behalf of a member company? Yes Yes
Does a TPA need to be assigned to the TRS case to respond on behalf of a member company? Yes No
Can a TPA assigned to an E-Subro demand push a demand from E-Subro Hub to arbitration into TRS and handle the case? Yes Yes
If you have any questions regarding TRS privileges or access, please contact the Member Service Center at 866-977-3434 or email
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NASP 2020 Annual Conference: Roaring Subro

Image of the NASP conference flyerNovember 16-17, 2020

The NASP 2020 Annual Conference will be held virtually.

Visit the NASP website to register and download conference brochures.     
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