Getting Help with Unpaid Awards

Image of a help signIn Online Filing (OLF), there are two ways to get help with an unpaid award. Use one of the two methods to ensure that the request is received and processed promptly. Remember, these steps are only to request unpaid awards.

If there are other issues with the award amount (such as calculations or deductions that weren’t applied, etc.), it’s better for you to raise a PDI for that issue rather than using an unpaid award type.

Here are the ways to initiate unpaid award requests.

Use the Docket Screen for Assistance (Preferred Method)
The best way to make the request is from the docket. Please note that including the docket number expedites the process. From within the docket, go to:
  1. Case Lookup
  2. Search
  3. Docket Detail
  4. Docket Actions
  5. Post-Decision Inquiry (opens the inquiry form) – please provide the following for the individual making the request:
    1. Company Name
    2. Contact Name
    3. Email Address (for contact)
    4. AF Case/Docket Number (this should be prefilled)
    5. Inquiry Type: Select Unpaid Award
    6. Request Type: Select Award Pay
    7. Attachment: Previous award pay request letter should be attached
    8. Click Submit
      Screenshot of Post Decision Inquiry options
Make a Request from the Contact Screen (Secondary Method)
A second way to initiate an unpaid award request is to do so from the contact page. Use the following steps to navigate to the Post-Decision Inquiry page.
  1. Company Information (far right on the top green menu bar)
  2. Contact Info
  3. Under the Post-Decision Inquiry heading, click Post-Decision Inquiry
    Screenshot of Contact Information page
  4. On the Post-Decision Inquiry page, click Post-Decision Inquiry
    Screenshot of Post-Decision Inquiry page
  5. Fill in the Post-Decision Inquiry form using steps a – h above 
    Note:  For step “d,” the form will not prefill, so be sure to include the AF Case/Docket Number.
Screenshot of Post-Decision Inquiry page options

If you have any questions or issues about the processes, please contact Member Services at 866-977-3434 or email

Article published in: May 2018 E-Bulletin