May 2018 E-Bulletin

This month's E-Bulletin topics include:

  1. System Maintenance, July 2018
  2. Final Reminder: New Arbitrator Testing Platform Coming Soon
  3. Exciting Changes Coming to AF Reporting in 2018
  4. Video Evidence is Coming to Online Filing This Summer
  5. Getting Help with Unpaid Awards
  6. Improving the Member Experience

System Maintenance, July 2018

Image of laptop with tools over itAF is scheduled to perform system maintenance and upgrades. As a result, AF's website will be unavailable from 10 PM Eastern on Friday, July 27, 2018, to 6 PM Eastern on Sunday, July 29, 2018.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our members. AF is committed to continuously enhancing our products and services. We thank you for your continued support.
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Final Reminder: New Arbitrator Testing Platform Coming Soon

Image of a finger with a string tied around itArbitration Forums, Inc. will be transitioning to a new arbitrator testing platform. Any users who are in the process of testing to become an arbitrator have until June 1, 2018 to complete unfinished tests in the current platform. Users who do not complete their unfinished tests in the current platform by June 1, 2018, must retake their tests once the transition to the new platform is complete. For any questions or concerns, please email us at
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Exciting Changes Coming to AF Reporting in 2018

Image of a business man looking at a computer monitorWe know AF’s members rely heavily on comprehensive subrogation and arbitration data from AF to effectively run their businesses. That’s why this year, AF is beginning the migration of current reports into a more robust reporting platform.

AF will migrate all of the TRS and E-Subro Hub reports into the new reporting platform this year. These reports will be removed from the current drop-down menus and added to the new reporting platform. AF will also evaluate the Online Filing reports and determine the best transition plan for this data.

In 2019, AF will continue the report migration, addressing remaining member reports as well as internal AF reports. AF will also begin to offer more enhanced features of the new reporting platform:
  • Enabling members to view their most requested data through interactive dashboards/data visualizations.
  • Working with members to identify and provide interactive key performance indicators (KPIs) that will bring the most important data to life.
  • The ability for members to schedule reports, eliminating the need to manually run reports during peak work hours.
In the coming years, AF will collaborate with members to build long-term strategies that may take advantage of some of the most powerful capabilities of the new platform. These include, but are not limited to, member self-service (by power users) as well as the reporting platform’s ability to receive and provide data feeds to members.

Please check your E-Bulletins for details as each TRS and E-Subro Hub report migration is scheduled.
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Video Evidence is Coming to Online Filing This Summer

Image of a movie cut boardIn response to member feedback, we are excited to announce that later this summer, we will be offering members the ability to submit video evidence in Online Filing!

The process to upload and attach video evidence will be identical to how any evidence is added in Online Filing. The file size cannot exceed 40MB; acceptable file types will be .mov, .wmv, .avi, .mp4, and .vob. All submitted video file types will be converted to .mp4 format to eliminate any compatibility issues for arbitrators.

Watch your E-Bulletins this summer for more information!
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Getting Help with Unpaid Awards

Image of a help signIn Online Filing (OLF), there are two ways to get help with an unpaid award. Use one of the two methods to ensure that the request is received and processed promptly. Remember, these steps are only to request unpaid awards.

If there are other issues with the award amount (such as calculations or deductions that weren’t applied, etc.), it’s better for you to raise a PDI for that issue rather than using an unpaid award type.

Here are the ways to initiate unpaid award requests.

Use the Docket Screen for Assistance (Preferred Method)
The best way to make the request is from the docket. Please note that including the docket number expedites the process. From within the docket, go to:
  1. Case Lookup
  2. Search
  3. Docket Detail
  4. Docket Actions
  5. Post-Decision Inquiry (opens the inquiry form) – please provide the following for the individual making the request:
    1. Company Name
    2. Contact Name
    3. Email Address (for contact)
    4. AF Case/Docket Number (this should be prefilled)
    5. Inquiry Type: Select Unpaid Award
    6. Request Type: Select Award Pay
    7. Attachment: Previous award pay request letter should be attached
    8. Click Submit
      Screenshot of Post Decision Inquiry options
Make a Request from the Contact Screen (Secondary Method)
A second way to initiate an unpaid award request is to do so from the contact page. Use the following steps to navigate to the Post-Decision Inquiry page.
  1. Company Information (far right on the top green menu bar)
  2. Contact Info
  3. Under the Post-Decision Inquiry heading, click Post-Decision Inquiry
    Screenshot of Contact Information page
  4. On the Post-Decision Inquiry page, click Post-Decision Inquiry
    Screenshot of Post-Decision Inquiry page
  5. Fill in the Post-Decision Inquiry form using steps a – h above 
    Note:  For step “d,” the form will not prefill, so be sure to include the AF Case/Docket Number.
Screenshot of Post-Decision Inquiry page options

If you have any questions or issues about the processes, please contact Member Services at 866-977-3434 or email
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Improving the Member Experience

Image of business people in an officeSince our founding in 1943 in New York City, AF has grown into the nation’s largest arbitration and subrogation services provider, all thanks to our members. Your feedback helps us provide you with exceptional service.

From the Members...

“AF’s arbitrators are thorough and consistent when they make decisions on cases. In our type industry, that is very important.”

“AF’s system is efficient and easy to use. They continuously look to improve upon their products and services. That is all you can ask for.”

“AF’s system is easy to navigate and works seamlessly with our programs. Communicating with other carriers and resolving claims is faster and easier than it’s ever been.”

“I have been using AF for more than 20 years and always receive quality service.”

At AF, we take our mission seriously:
We are a membership-driven organization that exists solely to serve our members’ recovery and resolution needs through exceptional service, collaboration, and innovation.
Without your input, we would not be able to enhance our products and improve services to ensure they are the most effective and efficient for YOU, our members. Thank you for your feedback and 75 years of continued support!
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