Evidence Considerations: Detailed Statements

Image of a young man on his cell phone in front of a car accidentPart 2 of the Evidence Considerations Series

When gathering evidence for your case, do not overlook the necessity of taking detailed statements from all the involved parties. It is just as important to take a statement from the adverse party as it is to take one from your own insured. A useful statement does not need to be lengthy, but it does need to include pertinent information tailored to the specific loss at hand. If there are components of the statement that you feel are particularity useful in supporting your case, you may wish to draw attention to these areas by highlighting them.

When taking a statement from a witness, it is imperative to establish the witness as being independent and credible. You should always ask the witness if he or she is acquainted with any of the involved parties. Otherwise, the adverse carrier may question the validity of the witness, and his or her statement may be given less weight.

See next month’s issue of E-Bulletin for Part 3 in our Evidence Considerations Series: Police Reports.

Article published in: October 2017 E-Bulletin