Evidence Considerations: Police Reports

Part 3 of the Evidence Considerations Series

Image of a witness statementIf the police responded to the scene of an accident, in most cases, the police report will be viewed as a very persuasive piece of evidence. That report could be a vital piece of evidence in either proving or refuting liability.

If the report is favorable to your case, you will certainly want to include a copy of it in your file and draw attention to the key points that are helpful to your position. If the report is adverse to your case, a thorough adjuster may be able to discredit the findings by pointing out deficiencies such as:
  • Did the officer witness the accident or speak to others who did?
  • Did the officer use physical or otherwise independent evidence to reach his or her liability opinion?
  • Did the officer’s report include statements from the involved drivers?

If the report did not include your insured’s version of the loss, your insured may contact the police department and file an amendment or supplement to the report.

Article published in: November 2017 E-Bulletin