Are Administrative Requests Becoming Obsolete?

The Administrative Requests section in AF's online filing application (OLF) includes specific requests that a party may make, including accepting policy limits, requesting a deferment, personally appearing, and requesting the return of physical evidence.

The Administrative Requests area also includes a blank area for other requests most commonly used by arbitrators with a specific claim handling background. With the advent of more detailed profiling and better case matching tools, these requests have become virtually unnecessary. Cases are randomly assigned by AF based on the disputed issues and the arbitrator's profile.

There are rare occasions in which the blank field can be used effectively, for example, if a company has video evidence it intends to include as part of the case, or to notify AF of a different contact person to present a video during a personal appearance. For New York PIP cases, the blank field is used to notify AF of a teleconference of a local personal representative hearing.

Screenshot of the applicant view

TIP: When intending to show a piece of video evidence to the Arbitrator, always answer "Yes" to Personal Rep at Hearing and list the video evidence in your submitted evidence. If the Personal Rep at Hearing field response is "No," the request cannot be accommodated.

Article published in: June 2017 E-Bulletin