Member Testimonials

FeedbackWe recently received the following member testimonials regarding decision quality:

"Even though I disagree with some of the reasons for the decision, it was very detailed in explaining why the arbitrator decided what she did. Instead of just saying, 'Proved damages' or 'Proved reduction of damages' she actually explained why she made the decision that she made. Regardless if I agree or not, she explained it. That's good."

"Well thought out and written decision. Excellent!"

"Just the fact that you can tell the arbitrator reviewed everything, all the evidence, and based her decision on that. The write-up and everything is very clear as to why the decision was made the way it is. It's a very good decision."

Our member arbitrators continue to render quality decisions that address all arguments and provide a detailed analysis of the evidence to explain their rationale.

AF sincerely appreciates our member arbitrators' efforts in helping AF provide effective and efficient products and services to our membership. AF is also thankful to our members for taking the time to provide feedback and recognize these efforts.

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Article published in: September 2016 E-Bulletin