Serving the Needs of Our Membership

Image of an employee in a call centerAF is a membership-driven organization and exists solely to effectively and efficiently serve our members' recovery and resolution needs. Responding to membership inquiries, promptly and accurately, is part of the high-quality services we provide.

On occasion, we receive calls from insureds, referred to us by their insurer member, wishing to discuss the arbitration decision on their claim. When these calls are received, our staff refers the insured back to his/her insurer; we do not discuss the case or decision. The insured is not a party to the intercompany dispute, and how the insurer wishes to handle the insured's claim is solely at the insurer's discretion.

We ask that insureds not be directed to call AF to discuss a case or decision. Thank you for your support.

Article published in: March 2016 E-Bulletin