Prior Payment Made? Too Late to Raise Post-Decision

AF's Online Filing system includes prompts for both the Applicant and Respondent to enter any prior payment made. Regrettably, these entries can be overlooked by the parties, causing awards that are greater than what is actually owed. While the Applicant may not demand payment of the full award (assuming the prior payment was received/cashed), we receive many post-decision inquiries asking us to amend the award to reflect the correct amount owed. Such corrections will not be made post-decision if the parties did not enter the payment amounts and/or submit proof that the payment had been received/cashed.

Help ensure you receive correct awards on your cases and enter any prior payments made. This includes payments to the Applicant as well as payments of the deductible to the Applicant's insured. Payment of any out-of-pocket expenses or other damages not sought in the filing should not be entered, as they are outside of AF's jurisdiction.

Incident Information

Article published in: March 2016 E-Bulletin